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Peter Gomez, Head of Zoffany Design Studio

For the first time, Zoffany’s inspirational design stories are translated into a different cloth, wall to wall carpet. This allows designers to play with scale and texture using these design concepts for projects where the blurred lines between the luxury boutique and luxury residential markets reside.

We caught up with Peter Gomez. Head of the Zoffany design studio to talk through the inspiration behind the new collaboration. This brand is for those who seek craftsmanship and artistic integrity with fabrics and wallpaper collections that are effortlessly sophisticated.  This desire to fuse art with luxury continues in Boutique.

How did you get into the design world?

I feel privileged to have always been surrounded by creatives in my family. I studied print in London College of Printing, where my interest in wallpaper was first realised. This then led to a wider interest in interiors. I always found the creative process fascinating, understanding manufacturing techniques and pushing conventions to create something new and current.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

Everywhere, I am constantly looking for inspiration in my everyday both at work with my studio and in my personal life and travels. I have a passion for history and art and love fusing classic and contemporary ideas.

Zoffany for Alternative Flooring, Boutique Dunand and Zoffany’s The Muse collection 

How do you breathe new life into your archive designs?

Archive designs are always a wealth of inspiration, a starting point in style, colour and heritage, making them current and relevant for today is only natural as we live in the now, it’s how we interpret these archives with the technologies and aesthetics at our disposal today which make them relevant to us, the way we live now.

Peter Gomez in the Zoffany design studio

How did the Boutique carpet collaboration begin?

The spark of an idea came when I first met Lorna (Creative and Marketing Director at Alternative Flooring) at an event and we thought that from a design and British heritage point of view there was a great synergy between Zoffany and Alternative Flooring.

Tell us about the power of colour

The Alchemy of Colour is about taking colour to its source. It was a wholly new educational experience for the studio, creating colour from organic sources felt like we were truly understanding the origins of tones and hues, how they interact with different fibres. With this knowledge, we were then able to cement a foundation to which to build Zoffany’s identity.

As colour confidence has evolved in interiors, colours such as ‘Tiger’s Eye’, ‘Koi Carp’, ‘Poison’, ‘Malachite’, ‘Sunstone’ Lazuli – have become signature hues for us.

Zoffany The Alchemy of Colour

Is craft and artistry important in your collections?

Craft and artistry is crucial to Zoffany’s being, not only in the artistry created in the studio and wealth of our Archive at our disposal, but moreover in the craftsmanship of the factories we choose to produce our products, we nurture relationships with craftsmanship in production from around the world maximising on knowledge, built up over generations interweaving this knowledge into Zoffany product.

Boutique celebrates craft and colour. The Muse collection epitomises the decadent spirit of the 1920’s and combines modernist style with fine craftsmanship. The Alchemy of Colour is a sumptuous palette of natural dyes, based on jewel-like shades from the Zoffany archive.

The Muse collection and Zoffany for Alternative Flooring, Boutique Crackle

If you could describe Boutique in three words, what would they be?

Sumptuous, Elegant, Hotel-chic

Zoffany for Alternative Flooring, Boutique Seizo and Zoffany’s The Muse collection

Which design in the new collection do you like the best?

Serpentine’s organic form and movement in colour is so natural I love the way it is translated into various qualities yet it remains true to its origins.

Zoffany for Alternative Flooring, Boutique Serpentine and Dunand

What is your favourite hotel in the world any why?

The Ned is my favourite at the moment. Classic and contemporary mix beautifully. It’s welcoming, elegant and serves great cocktails.

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