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The Alternative Blog

Kirsty Barton, Digital Marketing Manager at Alternative Flooring 

Kirsty Barton our Digital Marketing Manager has lived and breathed the new website all year, so it is fitting that she is the star of the Alternative blog this month. Who better to tell the story behind the refresh, the building of the brand pillars and share some of her highlights along the way.

Why a website refresh

The world has changed. The digital explosion has happened and continues and there is a pressing need to look at things differently; for us all to consume consciously.

With this is mind, over a year ago we completed a big consumer research project, really looking closely at our audience and what they wanted to see from an interiors brand. We found that, more than ever, consumers are becoming more conscious about researching the company behind the products, who they are, their eco-credentials, their relatability before making a purchase. We have a real family feel here at Alternative and we are constantly striving to be better at caring about our planet, but how do our customers know that? This led to a strategic shift and overhaul of our brand, with a clear focus on our 3 pillars, People, Product and Planet. These pillars are integral to everything we do, from choosing our office paper supplier all the way through to our digital marketing and website.

This is why our website needed a refresh, to put our core values, our personality, front and centre; being as transparent about everything we do as possible and to make the choices easier for our customers.

Product, People, Planet by Alternative Flooring 

What are your highlights​

Personally, my favourite part of the new Alternative website is the ‘People’ area; giving focus on all of the fabulous people we get to work with, either on a daily basis or less frequently. From those who have collaborated with us and created some stunning flooring collections; our social media influencers who kindly let us into their beautiful homes; our amazing and supportive retail partners all the way through to our hard-working and dedicated Alternative team. We celebrate every single person involved and this area really showcases who they are and why they are so important to us.

Kate Watson-Smyth, Alternative Flooring People

People: Alternative at Home with Kate Watson-Smyth @madaboutthehouse

Alternative Brand Pillars

People, those who make Alternative alternative; Products, quality, craftmanship and design always at our core; Planet, caring about giving back, from using sustainable materials wherever possible to ensuring that where this is not practical, we try to compensate by giving back and choosing ‘smart sustainability.’

Personality into words

We are sophisticated playful rebels who are visionary, ethically conscious, creative, discerning and just a little bit fabulous!

Little people, part of the Alternative Flooring brand

Alternative’s ‘Little People’ brand photography 

Favourite new straplines

Different feels good” is just so simple; it really does sum up our 3 pillars in 3 words. Always striving to bring new Products to the market, something a little bit ‘different’ while remaining conscious about what we do and how we look after our People and Planet making us and our customers ‘feel good.’

Different Feels Good strapline as shown on the NEW Alternative website

Alternative’s new strapline – Different feels good, shown on the Alternative website

Any new influencers on the books

We are fortunate enough to have a good following so people do want to work with us. We have some exciting influencers on board  but ssshhhhh it’s all in the plan…

Favourite App

That’s difficult.

Instagram is addictive and the I like the humour and interiors stories that are posted. It has a way of bringing homes to life, giving you an insight into the real people behind the beautiful images.

A close second would have to be Pinterest; I just love getting lost in a world of inspiring interior projects, DIY tutorials and crafting inspiration; especially around the holiday season when looking for new and imaginative projects to try with my little ones.

Particular Podcast

I have never really been one for Podcasts; my husband listens to them daily and I think because he mostly listens to anything sport related I have rarely looked into alternative genres. However, recently a friend recommended one called ‘You’re wrong about’ by journalists Michael Hobbes & Sarah Marshall; they reconsider a person or event that has perhaps been miscast in the public imagination. I love history and always open minded about alternative perspectives on major events, so perhaps I might give this one a try.

Influencer Pick

I love to follow Laura Jackson on Instagram. She has a great mix of content across her grid and stories, really mixing things up between food, travel, interiors and family. She just seems such a genuine person, really comfortable in her own skin and fun. I would love to try one of her margarita slushies – they look incredible!

Laura Jackson, Alternative Flooring People

Laura Jackson @iamlaurajackson

Website to watch

I have always loved the ethos behind Innocent Drinks and kept an eye on what they are doing digitally. I love the fact that similarly to us, they hold core values around people and planet as well as their products and they put these front and centre on their website. Plus, each time you land on their website they give you an inspirational daily horoscope (linked to fruit of course.) They just seem so much fun while ensuring that they strive to always ‘do business the right way.’

Innocent Drinks @innocent

Best digital advice

Don’t try to be anything you are not. Its so easy in a digital world and on social media to try and be someone or something else. My beliefs are that anything you claim online should be reality and to always be true to yourself.

Alternative’s ‘Little People’ brand photography 

My screensaver is

A slideshow of family photos which always make me smile.

See more of Alternative designs and explore our collections on the NEW Alternative website HERE

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