Why Cwtch is the New Hygge

  Alternative Flooring and Melin Tregwynt got together at The Campaign for Wool’s first ever Wool BnB. We are now thrilled to welcome Eifion Griffiths (the owner of Melin Tregwynt) to be our guest blogger. This family owned woollen mill in Pembrokeshire … Continued

Nice to see ewe…

World of Wool at the Wool BnB, Campaign for Wool   The first Wool BnB   The Campaign for Wool marked its seventh successful year with its annual Wool Week in October that celebrated all things woolly.   Alternative loves … Continued

Herringbone and tweed get hip on texture

  We know that our readers are smart, so we are going to straighten out the difference between herringbone and chevron flooring. It’s all about the zigzag. In the chevron, the rectangles run point to point and the ends are … Continued

The 6 Key Trends for 2016 That Will Endure

New Year, new trends   Carole King is an Interior Designer and author of Dear Designer’s Blog where she writes daily about current trends, shopping tips and anything else that inspires her. She is also the co-founder and joint EIC … Continued