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Even the best carpets need some TLC. Yes, it’s spring and time for experts’ tips to refresh your flooring. From five-minute refreshes to weekend projects, here are our easy spring-cleaning hacks you can try. Alternative’s Kirsty Barton shares tips and tricks on how to keep your floors in great condition, whether you have carpet, rugs, or runners and whatever the material from wool, natural or faux fibres.

In every room of your home, the floors are your fifth wall and play an important role in the design of your space. It’s vital to know how to keep them clean and looking fresh all year. 

Jute Big Panama Waffle Carpet and Sisal Boucle in Brockton

Kirsty’s top tips

Natural Fibre Floors

If you have a carpet, rug or runner made of a natural plant fibres like sisal, jute, coir or seagrass use a suction-only vacuum – using a vacuum with a brush can be harsh on natural fibres. Vacuum slowly and thoroughly. 

For spots and spills use dry cleaning methods. Plant fibres are naturally absorbent so even water or steam could leave a mark. Natural fibres are delicate and therefore speed is of the essence; clean up spills as quickly as possible to avoid a permanent stain.  

Wool Carpets 

There are many different styles and constructions of wool carpets, therefore the vacuuming recommendations differ. Wool is a wonder fibre and with the right care it’s a wonderful addition to any interior. Overall, make sure that you vacuum your wool flooring once or twice a week and focus on areas that receive the most footfall. You can pass over your wool carpet several times in one session to get a deeper clean.

For spots and spills be sure to avoid using detergents such as dishwashing liquids, soaps and other general household cleaners. Although they will clean the area, they could lead to rapid resoiling, colour loss and could distort the fibres. Always use cleaning products which are suitable for wool.  

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Synthetic Carpets 

For us, a faux carpet is one made from synthetic fibres. Although we prefer to use natural, sustainable materials where possible, occasionally these are not always the best suited for certain situations, such as bathrooms, kitchens or even outdoors. This is where faux carpets can step in. We like call it ‘smart sustainability.’ 

Regular vacuuming is essential to the longevity of any faux material carpet and will help your floor covering stay looking its best. As a rule of thumb, synthetic-material carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly – with three or four passes in each section – twice or three times per week.

If you own a cut pile rug, be sure to use an upright brush-assisted vacuum. For loop pile carpets and rugs, stick with a suction-only vacuum.

For spots and spills on faux fibres follow these simple steps. Act fast and don’t panic! 

  • Take up as much of the stain as possible before applying any cleaning product; it’s a good idea to pre-test your cleaning product on a hidden part of your carpet before starting. 
  • Apply your cleaning product using a cloth, never put it directly onto your carpet.
  • Use small amounts of cleaning product at a time, repeating if necessary.
  • Always work from the edge of the stain towards the middle – blot, never rub!
  • Thoroughly rinse out water-based spot removers with clean water.
  • Call in the professionals for problem stains.
 Anywhere Rope Natural made into a bespoke outdoor rug and Anywhere Herringbone Copper Carpet

Rugs and runners

Ever experienced curly corners? Occasionally, when they are first un-rolled, rugs and runners can turn-up at the corners. It’s normally because the product has been rolled up tightly post-crafting and during transit; it gets comfortable and used to being rolled up. 

Rest assured, this can be easily rectified by following these simple steps,

  • Firstly, try ‘reverse rolling’ – just roll the rug the other way, pile side out 
  • Leave the rug or runner rolled like this for a couple of days
  • If a rug, try doing this along the length first, and then again along the width

This should be enough to encourage the rug or runner to lay nice and flat. However, if your new rug or runner is being particularly ‘stubborn’ then a gentle steaming should resolve this issue. Your local Alternative Retail Partner will be able to help you with this.

Big Jute Panama waffle with Cotton Herringbone border and Margo Selby wool stripes


Vacuum your rugs and runners at least once a week for maintenance; more often in spaces that see a lot of footfall.

To ensure even wear, your rug or runner should be rotated. Depending on the traffic, the rotation may vary from every six months to once a year.

Alternative’s Natural Flooring Care Kit 

Our Natural Flooring Care Kit is safe to use on all our carpets and bears the WoolSafe Approved Certification mark. 

It comprises of a bag of dry carpet compound granules and spot remover. It is a soft natural product that is environmentally friendly. The tiny granules are moistened with water-based detergent and a small amount of safe to use solvent. Like a sponge, they dissolve, absorb and trap soil, spots and odours as they are brushed through the carpet. 

Do follow the instructions for carpet cleaning without allowing the care kit to remain on the floor covering for more than ten minutes on natural plant or delicate fibre flooring.

We even have handy how-to videos!

Have a go, spring clean is fun and a good workout too!


We hope you’ve found out expert’s tips blog useful.  We know there’s a lot to take in.

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