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Sinead Crowe, Founder & Editor of Fashion Blog  Love Style Mindfulness @sineadcrowe and @sineadcrowehome

This British influencer shares her style inspirations and experiences on her blog. We caught up with her at home.

Here’s our Q&A

Is this your first home?

Yes! We’ve been here for over about a year and a half now, we’re slowly getting round to making it exactly how we want it.

Who do you share it with?

My husband Jack, my puppy Penelope and soon our little baby girl!

Did you renovate and decorate?

We were super lucky that it didn’t need any renovation so we’ve just been re-decorating! The biggest job we have had to do was the bathroom!

Natural beauty - sustainable woven natural coir stair carpets

Sinead’s home – a view of the landing and staircases with her new Alternative Flooring Coir flooring

Describe your home style.

I would say neutral and cosy! I have tried to keep this home super classic as in the past, in rented accommodation, I have found myself buying statement pieces of furniture which I quickly got bored of! I am obsessed with the White Company, so that’s the vibe I am going for but with a bit more of a warm and homely feel to it.

How do you put schemes together?

I am really slow at putting rooms together actually because I don’t like to rush it. I like to let a piece of furniture sit and then see what should go next to make sure it all fits perfectly! It took me over a year to find the perfect bedside tables but it was so worth the wait. I usually start on Pinterest and Instagram where I save all of my inspiration and then make a mood-board which I work from!

Discover Sinead’s everyday outfit ideas and neutral décor at her Pinterest account and Instagram channels

Do you find Instagram or Pinterest helpful?

Yes! So helpful. Even just for small things like styling shelves and hacks on how to make furniture look unique. It’s great to be able to see how other people have styled your pieces in different ways and get inspiration from that.

What do you like about Alternative Flooring?

I loved the choice! We went for a natural carpet and I really didn’t expect there to be so much choice. I also found ordering and picking of samples super easy and they were so helpful in terms of helping me to pick the carpet that best suited our needs.

Tell us about the flooring choices in your home…

We actually moved in to a stone floor running right through the downstairs which we love and have gone for oak floors in some of the other rooms but we wanted carpet for the hallway and staircases to tie it all together! We went for a natural carpet as I see it as not only super hard wearing but also really classic and timeless. It brings together the neutral look we want perfectly.

Natural beauty - Alternative Flooring woven Coir carpet options

Alternative’s Coir swatches – Coir Bouclé Natural Carpet, Coir Herringbone Natural Carpet and Coir Panama Natural Carpet

Is natural, sustainable design important?

Definitely! I find it fascinating that the carpet we chose – The Coir – is made from coconut hair.

Favourite colour palette?

For the home it’s anything white and beige!

Lessons you’ve learnt so far?

Definitely as I said to not rush it! Anything I did rush and buy I have ended up changing so it’s wasted money! Also, to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time. My husband always says, buy cheap, buy twice and I really agree with him!

Natural beauty - Sinead's staircase was transformed with a new natural coir stair carpet

Before & After – Sinead’s hallway update with Alternative’s Coir Stair carpet

Future plans for the house?

We need to make a start on the top floor now, our office and spare bedroom and we have another bathroom up there but with the new baby pending I feel that might be a 2022 job!

What’s next for you?

I am so happy now that the hallways and stairways are carpeted, the house really feels more finished and together! I’m just looking forward to relaxing a bit and enjoying our home with our baby girl when she arrives!

Natural beauty - Sinead's pooch loves her new Coir stair carpet too

Big shout out to our wonderful local flooring retailers and fitters. Sinead used our Retail Partner Malley Floors for measuring and installing. Great quality flooring and professional friendly fitting is the perfect combination. Thank you!

“We found the fitters to be super professional especially considering the circumstances with a nationwide lockdown. They were very considerate and kept everything clean and we had little to no interaction with them. The carpet was fitted expertly I couldn’t recommend them enough!” Sinead Crowe

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