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Ever wondered where some of the most magnificent colour combinations come from? From beautiful flowers and birds’ plumage to spellbinding sea and landscapes,look no further than Mother Nature. She’s ripe for the picking and provides colour inspiration for fashion and interiors.


Alternative Flooring’s Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Flowers of Thorpe, Summer Garden Carpet


Liberty floral prints have been expertly woven into rugs, runners and carpets by Alternative Flooring.


When looking to schemes inspired by spring colour combinations for your home, garden and meadow flowers are the prettiest place to start, providing a mass of marvellous colour. From primroses to ox-eye daisies our native flora can give some much pleasure. Take a look at the Alternative Flooring with Liberty Fabrics collaboration.


English Garden

Alternative Flooring’s Rug Star Sophie Robinson and her Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Flowers of Thorpe rug on Seagrass Herringbonecarpet


Now Sophie Robinson may be queen of the colour crush but her choice of our Flowers of Thorpe on a bed of natural Seagrass Herringbone plant fibre carpet is like walking in a beautiful garden with all is glorious colours and textures.


“It’s everything I love about design. The colour! The pattern!”


Blue Skies

Alternative Flooring Seagrass Herringbone, a natural background to colour. As seen at Sophie Robinson’s home, our Alternative Rug Star.


Sophie’s son Arthur went straight for the Atomic Red, from Little Greene but then announced he wanted the ceiling in pale blue like a ‘gentle sky.’ AND just look at that nature inspired fabrics from Svenskt Tenn featuring expressive prints, beautiful flowers and bold colours. Seagrass Herringbone provides a natural ground to this vibrant scheme


Green House

‘Colours of England’Little Greene’sFine Paints in Association with the National Trust


Be inspired by gardens and pick out greens that match the colour of the leaves when the sun shines through them.


Little Greene works in collaboration with the National Trust. As a result, an extensive paint research project has been undertaken in National Trust houses and gardens throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to find original colours, and to tell the stories of the people who first enjoyed them. This includes a selection of beautiful greens, each with a noteworthy origin, and each with an important place in contemporary interior design.


Fabulous Foliage

‘HEMLOCK’ MURALwallpaper by Surface View


Surface View showcases highlights from the Royal Horticultural Society, the New York Botanical Gardens, Natural History Museum and the V&A Museum collections, all homes to a host of luscious leaf imagery. Historic botanical drawings are bedded beside tropical palm paintings for a broad brush with nature’s bounty from across the centuries.


Flamingo Pink 

Alternative Flooring’s Quirky Tess Pink Runner


Refresh your home, and create stunning interiors and incredible feature walls with Surface View’s bespoke Birds Mural wallpaper. We love blue and pink and just looked how this Greater Flamingo mural is the inspiration for this colourful hallway scene featuring a Quirky Tess Pink from Alternative’s runner collection


Beautiful Birds

Beautiful Birds in the World


Discover more blue and pink and extraordinary colour combinations from nature in a book called Beautiful Birds in the World by Keisuka Ueda.


Alternative Flooring’s Wool Milkshake Marshmallow carpet and Cole & Son wallpaper


This delicate bird wallpaper looks gorgeous with our soft Wool Milkshakecarpet for a beautiful spring-inspired bedroom.


Strawberry Meadow from Alternative Flooring with Liberty Fabrics features strawberry bushes and birds in tonal shades that translate beautifully as a wool carpet.


Alternative Flooring’s Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Strawberry Meadow Acanthus


Geometric Aviary” wallpaper, Divine Savages


We finish with a flurry as all manner of exotic birds perch in a dramatic design by Divine Savages.


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