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We love people making things and making our carpets, rugs and runners is a CRAFT.

We celebrate our makers. So many people are involved in making our products, we can never say it is just a carpet.

Natural plant fibre carpets


Our natural fibre carpets are crafted.  These sustainable plant fibres are harvested by hand from locations across the globe; they are then softened, dried and then spun into yarn.

The yarn varies between the natural fibres. Coir, harvested form the husk of coconuts, has a coarser feel than Sisal or Seagrass yarn. Jute, from the giant Corchorus tree, is a very soft. Making the yarn involves time and expertise to join all the long fibres together. The knots and slubs in natural flooring is characteristic of its' home spun origins.

The weaving of these fibres are now often done by machine, rather than hand weaving, and this does allow for an element of uniformity and structure. 

Wool carpets

It starts with sheep. (Of course!) Farmers around the globe send their sheep’s fleeces to market.

Experts, grade these fleeces to be sold at auction. Choosing the right staple and grade of wool for carpet is a CRAFT.

After purchase, the wool is scoured (cleaned) and carded to make the fibres lean.

The wool is then dyed, if required, and the sent to the spinners.

Experience wools' beautiful journey from 'Sheep to Seat, Fleece to Floor' with Ella Doran below. 

The yarn is then woven or tufted in patterns, stripes or loops.

Expert craft happens here too. Although machine made, weaving with wool involves expertise. The fibre can break, constant checking is needed.  People are absolutely necessary to ensure the quality of the weave and the wool carpet.  

Man-made fibre carpet production does not require this level of care and consideration. Huge manufacturing sheds, few people making products that will ultimately harm the planet.

Wool carpet making is a craft that should be celebrated.

Alternative Flooring, Makers, Our People, Craft, Axminster Woven British Wool
Alternative Flooring, Makers, Our People, crafted woven British wool patterned carpet
Alternative Flooring, Makers, Our People, quality and care inspection on British woven wool carpet

Our Rugs & Runners

We have dedicated team at Alternative who make our rugs and runners.

Each made to measure, or bespoke, rug or runner is cut by hand. The edging of the rug or runner is then expertly sewn onto the flooring to produce a crafted finished product.

Literally thousands of combinations of texture, patterns and colour.

Design your own unique, personalised rug or runner with Make Me A Rug. 

Alternative Flooring, Makers, Our People, hand-crafted, hand sewn made to measure runner rugs

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