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Lorna Haigh, Alternative Flooring’s head of marketing and Marina Guirey, the founder of The Linen Works reveal what makes their bedrooms cosy this winter.

Founded in 2010, The Linen Works specialises in quality linen for the home in soft muted tones with a simple, understated aesthetic. Founder and Creative Director, Marina Guirey, has an undeniable ability to design ‘edited luxury’ that is relevant to the modern consumer.

We know all about Alternative Flooring and how their beautiful mix of carpet, rugs and runners are bringing comfort and joy back to our floors!

White or coloured bedlinen? 

Lorna: I love crisp white bed linen but I have to admit to having Designers Guild Pink Peonies on my bed.  I love the colour and the boldness.

Marina: I love the freshness of white bedlinen, but I do also have some coloured bedlinen, which I tend to use more in winter. I have Dove Grey and I’ve also got a pretty blue linen called Levant, which we used to run. I sometimes use the blue pillowcase with white bedlinen, which looks pretty.

The Linen Works

Papered or painted walls?

Lorna: Painted walls for me in the bedroom.

Marina: I’ve always had painted because I like walls to be neutral – very pale grey or off white. I add colour, texture and a little pattern with soft furnishings.

Best tones for bedrooms?  

Lorna: Warm restful tones all the way!

Marina: My preference is for soft, calming tones that will help you switch off and yet look light and breezy in the daytime when you draw the curtains. Dark, cocooning tones like Charcoal or a rich grey blue can also work well.

Restful tones with Barefoot luxury

Wall-to wall carpet or rugs?

Lorna: Both!  Gorgeous 100% wool carpets for the bedroom every time. Carpets are a great insulator against those winter drafts. If your carpets are fitted with good underlay you’ll automatically have bounce in your step by just getting out of bed. I would also choose a wool rug in Barefoot for ultimate luxury.

Marina: I’m a floorboards and rugs person. I do like carpets on my landings and runners up the stairs though.

Barefoot luxury on the floor, Alternative Flooring

Barefoot or slippers? 

Lorna: Barefoot in my bedroom – why would I need slippers when I have gorgeous wool carpet to sink my toes into?

Marina: Uggs in the winter. Barefoot in the summer. We don’t have underfloor heating so barefoot can be a bit chilly.

Barefoot Ashtanga, Alternative Flooring

Nightie or PJs? 

Lorna: PJs to snuggle in.

Marina: PJs all the way!

Dove Grey Linen Pyjamas, The Linen Works

Book on your bedside table?

Lorna: My diary – I write to my children every few days and have been doing so for years, just so they have my memories of them growing up. And The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan, not yet opened but ready to read for my next Book Club meeting.

Marina: State of Wonder by American author Ann Patchett. It is about a female scientist, strangely called Marina (!), who travels to the Amazon to find out why a tribe is able to produce babies well into their 60’s, and why one of her co-employees working with them mysteriously died. Brilliantly written and descriptive.

What’s on your dressing table?

Lorna: Perfume and Korres Moisturiser

Marina: I don’t have a dressing table but I have photos of my family on a chest of drawers.

Tips for a good nights sleep?

Lorna: A great mattress and good pillows but also writing down your thoughts before putting your head on the pillow. There is something quite resting and cathartic about this process. Works for me.

Marina: Have a hot bath and unwind well before bedtime. Turn all screens onto night mode or you may find yourself woken up by Talking Tom at 3am (if you have small kids).

Where did you have your best sleep ever? 

Lorna: My own bed. There is nothing better than returning home from a trip and getting into your own bed again especially with newly laundered sheets. Sheer bliss!

Marina: I honestly can’t remember. It’s been years since I had a legendary long sleep.

My dream Christmas present is?

Lorna: This year the Haigh family will be trekking in Nepal …so very much a dream come true for me. I can’t wait to see the Himalayas, the prayer flags and meet the people.

Marina: I would like some pleached hornbeams for my garden.

Thanks to you both and let’s hope we get some snow this Christmas too.

Lorna do send us a postcard!


Alternative Flooring has got into bed with The Linen Works to offer a dream bedroom in time for Christmas.

Here’s the magic link to enter.

The Winner will be announced on December 8th, 2014 – Good Luck!

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