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Can you have striped carpet on stairs?

Yes! When it comes to stripes and stairs, they make the perfect pair. With stripes, you can create the sense of length in just about any space, which is why they are great for narrow areas such as staircases. Have as a fully fitted stair carpet or as a made to measure central striped stair runner, the choice is yours.

Which way should a striped carpet run?

There are lots of different ways you can choose to style your home when it comes to stripey carpets. Remember, if stripes run parallel left to right, this will draw a person’s eye from side to side. If you were to have them length ways, for a shorter series of long stripes in a hallway or on the stairs, this will help give a lengthening effect. It’s all down to your preference and what works well for your interior space. So whether you're looking for striped carpet stairs and landing, or a living space, we've got you covered.

Are striped carpets in fashion?

Striped carpets are very much still in fashion and on trend. They are a very popular choice when it comes to the modern home and are fantastic at giving your living space a sophisticated look. They allow you to be bold and make a statement, with an injection of colour into your home.We’re design-led, sticklers for quality in production and always testing out new techniques to surprise and delight, so you know you can't go wrong with our beautiful stripey carpet.

Can you have striped carpets on curved stairs?

This can certainly be achieved and can create a beautiful focal point for your staircase. The devil is in the details and the trick is in how the carpet is laid in order for the turning transition to be smooth from start to finish. This fashionable flourish with stripes is bold, daring and we love it; but depending on your staircase the stripes may not always match up on the turn. If you find you're struggling to get that gradual turn, you can always make sure that your stripes run in the same direction and still create a stunning effect! Speak to one of our expert retail partners to find out more.

How to measure stairs for striped carpet

Have no fear! Our expert retail partners have got you covered. Whichever floor covering you choose, we would always recommend contacting your local Alternative Flooring Retail Partner to visit your home, measure your staircase thoroughly and advise on installation. They really are the experts and they will ensure that your striped stair carpet looks amazing and is installed safely and securely. You can contact your nearest retail partner using our handy Where to Buy.

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