Alternative Flooring

About Quirky

Our range of wall to wall carpet and runners, designed and made in Britain, offer beautiful patterns aimed at bringing your living spaces alive. Kooky and fun; we believe life is too short to live in dull spaces.

With Quirky B, our  patterned broadloom range, we have reworked the patterns you love, with designs that allow you to dip your toe in the pattern pool. But, if you prefer to jump off the high board, then check out the more intricate designs by top British designers Margo Selby, Ashley Hicks and Ben Pentreath and our most recent collaboration with Liberty Fabrics. 

Our award-winning British collection of wilton Quirky carpet runners takes its cue from true Brit style. An on trend range packed with pattern, full of colour, designed with bravado and boasting a hip mix of styles - Dotty, Tess, Fling, Skinny and now the new gorgeous Fair Isle runners by Margo Selby. Carpet width: 69cm as standard.

All of our Quirky carpets are designed and made in Britain.