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Tie dye

Alternative Flooring’s Wool Iconic Stripe Simone

Alternative Flooring’s Wool Iconic Stripe Simone



Alternative tie-dye style features in the Wool Iconic Stripe multi-coloured stripes named after music legends. Apparently, Beyoncé wore this print on the beach and famous fashionista such as Stella McCartney are now leading this tie-dye renaissance. See it applied to everyday denim, as pinky-purple T-shirts and even on Couture duchess satin. This hand crafty technique has a sixties hippy history but the new tie-dyes are thoroughly modern with splashes of bright shades. Another reason for its popularity is the sustainability factor and eco-fashion plus it’s a symbol of hope and individuality.




Colour romances

Alternative Flooring’s Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Capello Shell Coral Carpet



We are thinking what colours make good bed fellows and we have two choices for you. Blue and pink are natural partners. Powdery shades are beautiful but watch out for more vivid shades of heatwave azure and magenta. Peachy pink and olive green is a new warmer take on rose and mint.




Green spirit

Alternative Flooring’s Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Strawberry Meadow Acanthus Carpet



Green is not just for summer. 2019 seems to be all about green. It can help create serene spaces in bedrooms, works harmoniously in rooms that overlook nature and brings a relaxing outdoor feel indoors. For modern elegance pair with brass accents, and the new go-to shade of paler olive works well with greys and earthy neutrals.



Eye the dots

Quirky Dotty Black Runner



Spotted all those polka-dot dresses at Royal Ascot, well this is a trend that seamlessly crosses from fashion and into the home and this season’s black and white look is a summer winner. Monochrome is a classic but of-course we say be Alternative and mix, match and clash!





Homes with personality

Alternative Flooring’s Margo Selby Stripe Sun – Whitstable and Shellness



It seems as though we want interiors full of personality with a creative nod to the past. Now there are plenty of individual personalities out there but tips for this trend include don’t feel the urge to over match and layer colour and pattern to give warmth. Spaces with soul just make our lives look and feel better.  For summer what about these seaside stripes?





Rug it out

Anywhere Herringbone Ice with Granite Border, Alternative’s Make Me a Rug



Outdoor rooms are having a moment and Alternative’s Anywhere range means that you can roll out a rug outside.  These indoor-outdoor look-a-like sisals in HerringboneRope,Boucle and Panama patterns are durable enough to be placed outside and withstand whatever the British summer weather brings. Pair with raffish raffia garden furniture for entertaining alfresco.


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