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Interior Design Trends Winter


Hello 2020! New Year comes with the dawn of a new decade. Our winter trends take stock and show early decorating shoots and how these may grow stronger in your homes. We crave happy homes, love the human touch and strive for sustainability. Everyone is talking about wellbeing and all things green dominates our interior and lifestyle landscapes – an optimistic shade and sign of fresh starts. Let’s kick off with a few looks for the final months of winter.


Organic Luxury

Sisal Malay Chen bespoke rug with Cotton Herringbone Lunar border


The raw and the refined, the earthy and elegant. Do good design loves contrast pairings that capture the elements, find beauty in the imperfection of nature and show us that being sustainable has both style and substance. It’s not so much a trend as a way of living linked to the handmade and natural materials.


Milder Modernism

Alternative’s Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Strawberry Meadow Acanthus Carpet


The strong lines of Modernism are becoming milder and more easy going.  Lines flow, textures become softer and shades turn towards gentler lush greens, plaster pink and coral. For the winter season, try a taste of honey yellow and Dulux COYT Tranquil Dawn is a good place to begin when creating your new palette.



Cool Curves

MacMaize tiles, Jigsaw range, Neisha Crosland for Artisans of Devizes


Sensual curves are both playful and sophisticated this season. Curves make for graceful silhouettes. Soothing shapes on curvaceous sofas are room softening. Ocean-inspired shells, scallops and mermaid tiles are fun. Art Deco style lighting and arches are also having a moment in the shape spotlight.


Wicker Wonders

Jigsaw tiles by Neisha Crosland for Artisans of Devizes


Refined rattan and wicker work are having a resurgence. Woven natural materials are seen on all manner of furnishings and floors. Rattan is sustainable, textural and being neutral is easy to live with.  It is the perfect balance of modern and traditional style.


Deep Pile


Alternative’s Luxx Sheer Husky Carpet


2019 was the year of velvet. Our passion for this upholstery fabric du jour shifts to patterns on velvet and other deep pile textures such as luxuriant wool and indulgent mohair. For warm floors this winter, think cosseting velvety carpets for wall-to-wall comfort.



Floor Art

Alternative’s Quirky Patch Strip Red Runner by Margo Selby


Emerging as one of the interior trends of 2020 is wall décor from moving from panels and paintings to murals and even a tapestry or two. 


Add to this, a big statement rug or an art-crafty  stair runner – remember art doesn’t have to be limited to walls. 


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