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Interior Design Trends Spring


Hello Spring!


From working from home style to the new comfort, crafty patchwork to jolly stripes, there’s an optimistic vibe in the air as we welcome spring and the promise of summer when we all throw open our doors. Whether you go for colour or go au natural let’s dress our homes with joy.  Shop the season with our springtime pick me ups.


Wide Lines

Margo Selby Stripe Surf JossSun WhitstableFrolic Minnis and Rock Reculver


There’s nothing quite as energising as a stripe. The bigger the better was the catwalk message for spring. Go wide with Alternative’s Margo Selby Stripes collection. Give this staple a sassy spring update in shades that surprise and delight. 


Bright Side

Flowers of Thorpe summer Garden Quirky B, Liberty Fabrics collection

This limited edition will go out of stock from May. Order while you can!


After our homes have been worked so hard, it’s time for a little maximalism. In fashion the floaty maxi brings romantic floor-sweeping style and in interiors, we 

want to dress up our floors too. This can be more colour, more pattern and embellishment too. Balance large and small prints or go for a pattern clash. Vintage is vibrant, geometrics bold and florals flirty. 


Colour Combos

No Bother Sisal Boucle Netley and Sisal Malay Chen rug with Luna herringbone border


Where to start. Primaries are back. A pop of red, blue or yellow will add vibrancy to a neutral backdrop. It seems that there is always room for a colourful piece - even in a monochrome scheme, and of-course there will always be space for the nation’s favourite colour blue. As we dream of travel, transport yourself to warmer climes with a palette of earthy red, spicy browns and sandy yellows.



Crafty Patchwork

Quirky Patch runner in red and by Margo Selby for Alternative 


Step into spring with art and craft. The feel of the hand in design is seen in patchwork which came out of the resourceful recycle trend. But it goes further as more of us make the case for local making and natural materials. This Patch runner in wool is designed for us by one of our best artist-weavers Margo Selby.



Organic Matter

Wool Pinstripe in Bone Olive, Fines Lines Collection


Wellbeing is now woven into our lives. Nature in interiors is not a trend but here to stay. Natural materials abound and there’s a shift to simple sculptural forms in the home. Our smart wool pinstripe carpet and the shapely ceramics create a softly tactile, contemporary interior.



Home Disco

Wool Barefoot Quartz


Let’s end spring trends with some fun. When cooped up in our homes who admits to pairing a sequin gown with a simple cotton T shirt and dancing barefoot (preferably on our sparkly Wool Barefoot Quartz) around the sitting room? You get the picture. Sparkly numbers but this time around it’s relaxed glamour.  Even Kylie is at it. Like us, the diva has arrived at the disco. Do you believe in magic? Surely the answer is yes!