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Interior Design Trends Autumn


Autumn is a nesting time when we turn over a new leaf, layer up and make our homes cosy. Yet over the last six months we have been refreshing and rethinking our living spaces.  With that in mind here are a few trends we have spotted and some interior picks for this new season with a common theme of nature, natural textures and mother earth tones.




Ben Pentreath with Queens Square



Nature is the biggest trend we have seen. This season sees a shift from cooler Scandi-shades to a warmer British palette and from the organised to the more organic. No-one captures this mood better than Ben Pentreath (an Alternative collaborator) who has recoloured some Morris & Co patterns. The collection is called Queens Square, the Bloomsbury location where Morris had a workshop and home, and where Ben lives when in London.


‘It is extraordinary to me that patterns developed in the mid to late 19th century still seem as fresh 150 years later.  There is a sense of comfort and happiness in these fabrics, which could not be more relevant today.’


Ben wanted to give Morris’s classic designs a change of atmosphere. Willow Boughs is now available in a sixties-inspired turquoise and olive green. This is nature glowing with joyful colour.




Dulux Brave World


Tones take a warmer turn in a trend called terra firma that translates as firm ground and connects us to nature. Brave World is Dulux’s colour of the year and is described as a ‘warm natural brown’ that brings a bolstering and balancing feel to any room.  In such changing times our homes provide a solid foundation as well as giving us scope to be creative. It’s a versatile shade that looks good with earthy blues and mossy greens as well as with pinky reds.

Farrow & Ball has been braver with its colour predictions for 2021. It is still inspired by nature but watch out for richer reds that are chic by day and cosy by night.

The trend is for colours that feel friendly and familiar, warm and welcoming as we spend more time in our homes.




Alternative Flooring’s Anywhere Rope and Herringbone


Bring elements of the natural world indoors with soft greens that are popular in hallways where rooms that run off it appear bigger and lighter. But the big trend is biophilic design and arranging real plants indoors. Going green with plants keeps us close to nature, healthy and adds another layer to a space.  



Wool Pebble Omaha rug with Cotton Biscuit border


House plants have enjoyed a massive boom in popularity, especially with Millennials and Gen Z where gardens and outdoor space is limited. Social media hashtags like #plantsofinstagram#urbanjungle and #plantsmakepeoplehappy are trending on Instagram with photos of apartments full of standing, hanging and trailing potted plants.




de Le Cuona Refined Rogue natural interior textiles and Alternative Flooring’s Sisal Boucle Brockton, sustainable natural flooring


Chanel’s classic boucle tweed jacket may be on the wish list of fashionistas but in the home boucle is back. With its a looped, curly appearance it’s the new cosseting texture in town.  


The familiar teddy-bear feel makes it perfect to curl up in on gently curved furniture. This autumn, take a look at Alternative’s wool, sisal and jute boucle carpets.




Alternative Flooring’s Wool Crafty Cross Celtic Carpet


Thoughtful, sustainable design can enhance our lives and contribute to our sense of wellbeing. We now want liveable and lovable interiors that will last. This autumn, it seems we want to get close to nature.