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What a winter. One minute we are blasted by our coldest winter for years the next greeted by milder interludes and warmer than average temperatures.  No wonder we are a nation obsessed with our weather. Here are a few ideas to bring comfort, joy and some Seventies colour to our ‘fifty shades of grey’ days as we seek solace in our homes.


Winter trends to embrace. 


Seventies sophistication

BBC One, The Little Drummer Girl.© Dean Marsh / The Little Drummer Girl Distribution Ltd


Anyone who watched the BBC’s recent adaptation of John Le Carre’s The Little Drummer Girl saw bold colour blocking take centre stage. Ravishing sets in shades and shapes of late seventies style. Everything was unified by saturated clashing colour such as orange and red with emerald green. Curved leather furniture sat with chrome and cane work. This trend sees the retro look given a polished spin and the seventies reinterpreted with sophistication.


Velvet vibe

Zoffany for Alternative Flooring Boutique, Dunand Como. Deco Martini Blush Lux Velvet Cushion, Divine Savages


Yes, this softly tactile and slightly decadent materials was a great hit last year and velvet continues to be one of the top interior trends for 2019. Midnight blue seduces us this winter with brighter shades of orange, yellow and green in store for spring. There is a vast array of designs from upholstery pieces, patterned velvets (check out to plush lighting. The velvet sofa is a luxury lounge staple, velvet chairs versatile enough to be used in every room and velvet is a natural bedfellow for headboards.  Take to the floor with our velvet-style carpets in our Faux Boutique and Wool Barefoot collections.



Alternative Flooring’s Wool Iconic Stripe Cassidy Carpet


It's time to rethink tie-dye. This crafty tinting technique was named in the Sixties, reached peak popularity in the Seventies briefly resurfaced in the Nineties and is now given a modern update. It’s characterised by bright, saturated colours and bold patterns. Forget the Summer of Love and enjoy the Wool Iconic Stripe Cassidy and Wool Iconic Stripe Fitzgerald bringing a sophisticated tie-dye effect on multi-coloured carpet in red shades to warm up our floors this winter. 


Coral seas

Pantone Colour of the Year 2019, Living Coral


The new PANTONE colour of the yearis Living Coral, a cheerful peachy pigment that ‘embraces us with warmth and nourishment toprovide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.Representing the fusion of modern life, PANTONE Living Coral is a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.’ It is now gaining traction in homewares. 

Dare we say coral is the new grey? 


We love this alternative Margo Selby Stripes hot through with Coral.


Alternative Flooring Margo Selby Stripe Frolic Minnis


Bauhaus legacy

Margo Selby, Hand woven framed artwork 11,8


Weaving continues to be in the spotlight as we celebrate the centenary of the Bauhaus, a movement that continues to influence Margo Selby, champion of woven textiles and one of Alternative’s collaborators. Get ready for some geometrics in vibrant colours!


“At the Royal College of Art I became fascinated by the work of the Bauhaus, in particular, Gunter Stoll for her juxtaposition of multiple pattern in tapestry and jacquard, as well as Anni Albers for her creativity within hand weaving. There’s a strength of structure in Bauhaus style which I completely relate to. The mixture of designing abstracted mathematical forms combined with the exploration of colour, proportion and balance using the guidance of structured colour theories. Although I believe instinct and emotion should guide any theoretical application, you can see the influence of the Bauhaus in my geometric designs and the way I like to experiment with colour, texture and form”.


Anni Albers at Tate Modern til 27January

Find more on Bauhaus here


Green shoots

Alternative Flooring’s Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Strawberry Meadow Acanthus Carpet


One final thought is the popularity of green in kitchens this season and a colour likely to spread throughout your home. Green is the colour of nature, calm and compromise, all elements that we need more of right now.


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