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Interior Design Trends Spring


Nothing about this time is normal. All of us have been resourceful and embraced our creativity. We’ve had tips for instant mood makers during this home lockdown. We’ve had time to mull over how our spaces work and plan a bigger decorating project.  As summer approaches and we start to reopen, we are glad to say that our rug making is busier than ever and the sounds of the looms making carpet again makes our heart sing.  Here are a few summer trends to look forward to.


Sunshine indoors

Alternative Flooring’s Sisal Bubbleweave Silver Bubble and Margo Selby Stripe Sun Seasalter Carpet


We’ve had to be inventive and think how we can bring the outside in and one colour to shine through is yellow. Yellow just makes us happy and surprisingly it goes with lots of other colours. This classic anglepoise lamp in a zingy 1970’s inspired yellow looks fabulous with our chunky Sisal Bubbleweave that glows with light and depth.


This coastal bolthole is a sea of yellow and this clever Margo Selby Stripe mixes in naturals making it striking yet easy to use in your decorating scheme. It looks glorious with the Naomi Paul Gluck artisan woven cotton cord pendant.



Leafy pattern

Alternative Flooring’s Sisal Super Boucle Bodmin rug teamed with a Moss Border


Nature makes us all happy and we’ve missed it.  Large-scale leafy prints on fabric and wallpaper is another way of tying outdoors to the indoors. Watch out for classic botanical, exotic plants and even jungle vegetation. Lush greenery goes beautifully with sky blues creating a sense of space. 



Natural Home

Alternative Flooring’s Wool Barefoot Ashtanga Silk Hero carpet and Sisal Herringbone Hambledon carpet


Biophilia is the buzzword for connecting with nature to improve health and wellbeing. Homes can be calm and restoring with more natural textures, patterns and colours. It reflects a shift in the way we live and the importance of natural light and materials as well as the handmade. 



Stylish curves

Alternative Flooring’s Quirky B Snake Mamba


We noticed cocooning curves when creating cosy spaces in the home. Here’s a shapely chaise in plush velvet with our Quirky B Snake Mamba with tribal passion provided by animal print cushions by House of Hackney.



Floor-time fun

Alternative Flooring’s Quirky B Dotty and Geo in Duck Egg


You still can’t beat a beautiful rug to bring instant comfort and joy into our homes. Time to have fun creating your own design with the Make Me A Rug online service and transform your room.  Trends include layering or using a few rugs in one room, and if patterned unite by the colour theme.



Digital gems


We have learnt that Zoom calls should be no longer than twenty minutes! Although nothing can replace the human touch there have been some digital gems. The Design Museum’s digital programme of events gives a great insight into the design world. The line of creatives is impressive and includes Stella McCartney artist Morag Myerscough. Morag celebrates colours in all its difference and diversity.  Colour is powerful and uplifting.



Community spirit

In THE MAKING: Quirky B Margo Selby Fair Isle


Perhaps we have come to appreciate our communities more and one outcome is that supporting local businesses and really good craftspeople is a wonderful thing. We have plenty of British, home-grown creative design that is made to last.


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