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Interior Design Trends Winter


Winter is a time for interior comforts but also when we begin to look forward to what trends the new year will offer our homes. We find inspiration in divine understatement with chic classics and even the return of beige. There is also an eclectic spirit of escapism in the air with a longing for colour and quirkiness. From minimalist to maximalist the clear message is make the most of your home and express who you are. 




Alternative’s Wool Barefoot Quartz Citrine and Neisha Crosland for De Ferranti Vector Modernist tiles


Pantone 2021 forecasters have chosen not one but two shades of the year. Illuminating a bright buttercup yellow and Ultimate Grey, evoking natural beach pebbles. American colour company Pantone say their choices this year are “a message of happiness supported by fortitude.” It is the first time in over a decade that a shade of yellow has been chosen and why two, well because they highlight how different elements come together to show a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.





Alternative’s Quirky B Leopard Snow carpet


Play the wild card, fall in love with bold florals or go for Memphis graphics. Explore animal prints with Quirky Leopard and limited-edition Liberty floral, Flowers of ThorpeLove it or hate it the playful postmodern movement returns with clashing colour, snappy black and white schemes and a love of bright, bold furniture. The Memphis revival is going for more muted shades such as teal, pink and moss. 





Alternative’s Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Strawberry Meadow Acanthus and Authentic Lucienne Octagon runner in blue and green


William Morris delighted in the natural world and Morris love continues to blossom, tuning into our need for nature, craft, heritage and the handmade. Pair organic greens with vibrant turquoise for glamour, add a twist of sharp lime for fresh accents. Both give a classic pattern a contemporary update. This trend ties in with a growing desire for pastoral pleasures with verdant tapestries and leafy textiles.




Alternative's Wool Berber Omani, Wool Stripe Iconic Franklin and Wool Crafty Hound


Beige is becoming chic again. It’s not a single set shade but meanders from pale yellowy sand to a grayish tan brown and everything in between. Did you know that it takes its name from the French, where the word originally meant natural wool that has been neither bleached nor dyed, hence also the colour of natural wool? These may be its origins but beige is also found in our natural jutes, and sisals too.



Alternative Sisal Boucle Braemere


Beige can look classic with white, smart with black and beautiful with pastels. Now that’s what we call a classic. 


It’s all part of a modern heritage catwalk trend and we all know where fashion goes, interiors are sure to follow…