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Here at Alternative Flooring we love interiors and like to keep our fingers on the latest design pulses! To help us do this we are BIG followers of Social Media and encourage everyone to Be Social and join our 'Alternative' community. There are many bonuses to 'Liking' or 'Following' us, not just to be in touch with our vast design community, but to receive expert advice, see the latest trends and enter competitions to win fabulous prizes. Here is a quick round up of all the great things we are doing and how we communicate our Alternative news.




Our Facebook page is one of the biggest platforms where we can both have fun but still effectively communicate our latest news, tell you about trends, discuss design directions and what’s going on in the world of design and flooring as well as give away some cool prizes in our competitions. We have a loyal following and many members of our Facebook community discuss our posts. Our competitions are a great way for us to update our brand with more innovative and Alternative marketing ideas; how else do you think our Quirky B collection now features Liberty patterns and our Barefoot is now an award-winner? What do you get in return for interacting with to keep our brand fresh and on trend? Well, recent competition winners have made their very own Make Me A Rug worth £250! So, go on on 'Like' us and reach out to your friends!


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We are passionate about floors and love our homes, so if you are like us, then what better way to keep up with interior design news than to follow our live feeds on Twitter? Follow us and join many others in our community, including some well-known design names!





Did you know Alternative Flooring have an absolutely fabulous Blog? Our blogs delve into the world of interiors, sharing the latest trends and offering expert advice. Every month we write about a hot topic and also invite industry experts and designer celebreties to wax lyrical too. So watch our blog space and see who's talking Alternative.





This is an exciting development in our social networking world. Pinterest allows you to create your very own moodboards by gathering and 'pinning' images of everything that inpires you. All of our product images can be linked to your own Pinterest creations, just click the link to 'Pin it'!

We are always creating moodboards, mainly to share our ideas but also because we just love to be creative! If you like what we are doing, start creating your own designs to keep and share with others. So why not follow us and see who's 'pinning' who?





Reach for the popcorn and watch our new screenings and favourite clips. Now showing is Alternative's cool new movie.





Who isn't on Instagram these days? Instagram is a visual wonder, a very simple way to capture and share Alternative moments. Follow us to see what we are up to as we share the moments of our day - the highlights and everything in between, too.




Do you think like us that Houzz is taking over the world? It’s the new way to design your home and create the space you’ve always wanted. We love it.

At Alternative Flooring we have a spark of curiosity that inspires flooring to be different. Our modern mix of natural fibre and wool carpet, rugs and runners explore texture, adore pattern and celebrate colour. Houzz brings all our wonderful designs to life.



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Here is a new and inspired way of looking at design, designers and makers. This is a social experience of design stories and collections. If you are passionate about design step into our Alternative windows.