Alternative Flooring

Living Room Carpets & Rugs

Brighten up a living space with a bespoke rug or snuggle up with a cosy chunky wool carpet. To be completely 'alternative' opt for a natural fibre, like Sisal, or a retro pattern from our Quirky B Collection!

Sisal Super Bouclé Bodmin bespoke natural rug Quirky B Daisy Gerbera by Ashley Hicks floral carpet Barefoot Ashtanga Silk Hero striped carpet Quirky B Lattice Flitcroft by Ben Pentreath patterned carpet Quirky B Cube Kent by Ben Pentreath lounge carpet Quirky B Cube Hawksmoor by Ben Pentreath geometric carpet Quirky Dotty Damson patterned carpet Quirky B Tetra Gibbs by Ben Pentreath axminster carpet Sisal Tweed Tarvie natural fibre flooring Quirky B Zebo Moss zebra design carpet Wool Blocstripe Moon Mineral Bloc & Wool Cord Moon Rugs Wool Pebble Birdling Quirky B Shuttle Silas by Margo Selby Quirky B Fair Isle Reiko by Margo Selby Wool Iconic Chevron Brooklyn Quirky Skinny Natural Wool Knot Lariat Sisal Bubbleweave Gold Bubble Quirky B Zip Grey Sisal Malay Shanghai Wool Pinstripe Bone Olive Pin Wool Iconic Chevron Brooklyn Wool Pebble Birdling Quirky Fling Damson & Quirky Dotty Damson Runners Rock 'n'  Roll Back in Black Quirky B Chainmail Figaro by Ashley Hicks Wool Pebble Birdling Sisal Bouclé Bitterne Rug Sisal Malay Chen Rug Wool Blocstripe Moon Mineral Bloc Sisal Bouclé Burleigh Wool Nurture Cream Sisal Metallics Chromium Sisal Basketweave Summer Hamper Wool Knot Snuggle Sisal Super Panama Cristobal Wool Iconic Stripe Morrison Rug Sisal Panama Pelham Rug Wool Herringbone Zig Zag Natural

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