Alternative Flooring

Bedroom Carpets & Rugs

Carpets and rugs in bedrooms; just perfect. Chunky toe sinking pleasure or a slick textured look.

Luxx Stripe Wolf striped faux carpet Zoffany Boutique Serpentine Malachite patterned carpet Wool Milkshake Raspberry chunky wool carpet Margo Selby Stripe Sun Shellness designer striped carpet Zoffany Boutique Dunand Como blue patterned carpet Jute Chevron Natural patterned natural flooring Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Capello Shell Coral patterned carpet Barefoot Marble Morwad striped wool bedroom carpet Luxx Sheer Narwhal luxury faux carpet Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Strawberry Meadow Peacock design patterned carpet Wool Crafty Diamond Briolette patterned carpet No Bother Sisal Bouclé Netley natural woven flooring Quirky B Honeycomb Duck Egg patterned axminster carpet Wool Iconic Herringbone Brando patterned carpet Quirky B Daisy Gloriosa by Ashley Hicks floral patterned carpet Wool Blocstripe Moon Mineral Bloc bold striped carpet

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