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Alternative Flooring are proud to be accredited with The WoolSafe Organisation

Alternative Flooring WoolSafe Associate Member carpet cleaning advice and help

The WoolSafe Organisation is a cleaning industry service provider, devoted to promoting best practice in carpet and rug care through maintenance product evaluation and certification, education and training, and the promotion of professional cleaning and inspection services.

Established in 1991, the WoolSafe Certification Mark is widely recognised in many parts of the world as the standard for excellence and safety of carpet care chemicals, both for professionals and consumers. 

To find about more about WoolSafe and what they offer to carpet owners, please click here. 

How to treat Spots & Spills on your Alternative floorcovering

Our Natural Flooring Care Kits have been WoolSafe approved and acheived the WoolSafe Certification Mark. This means that you can be confident that they have been stringently tested with natural fibre floorcoverings, such as the 100% wool and wool mix carpets we have in our collection. 

Each Natural Flooring Care Kit contains an instruction booklet on how to use the products; in addition to this WoolSafe have a useful online Stain Wizard tool which is an easy-to-use guide for removing common spots and spills from carpets and rugs. To use the WoolSafe Stain Wizard, please click here. You can also download the WoolSafe Stain Wizard as an app for your mobile device. 

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How to give your Alternative floorcovering an 'all round' clean & refresh

What happens when it comes to professionally cleaning a sisal flooring? How do you clean a seagrass flooring? How should you give a natural un-dyed wool carpet an all round clean? These are questions we are asked regularly, especially when it comes to the natural plant fibre floorings which are known to be 'trickier' when it comes to cleaning.

The great news is that Woolsafe have the answer, their extremely thorough education and training programmes mean that a WoolSafe approved professional carpet cleaner will also be conversant with natural fibre floorcoverings, not just conventional or wool carpets. They will offer expert advice when it comes to those stubborn marks on your floorcovering as well as provide periodical maintenance cleaning services to keep your flooring looking beautiful for longer.

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How do you clean a Faux flooring? 

Unlike our natural plant fibre floorcoverings or wool carpets, our Faux Collection of floorcoverings are made completely from synthetic fibres. However, this is not a problem when it comes to cleaning them. WoolSafe have this covered with a certification called CleanSeal, specifically developed testing for synthetic fibre floorings. Any carpet cleaning product that has a CleanSeal Certification Mark means that the product has not only passed the testing to achieve a WoolSafe Certification Mark, it has also passed additional testing to achieve a CleanSeal Certification Mark.

Plus, all WoolSafe approved professional cleaners will have access to CleanSeal products which means that you can confidently have your Faux flooring professionally cleaned by a WoolSafe approved professional cleaner. 

Do you have an urgent cleaning issue or question on your natural fibre flooring or wool carpet?

Speak to the experts at WoolSafe on 01943 850 817 or pop them an email to, they will be more than happy to help.