Alternative Flooring

Wunderlay, rug underlay

Alternative Flooring bespoke rug, Sisal Bubbleweave with Rainbow Bleu fabric border

Wunderlay is a premium anti-slip underlay which helps to prevent rugs and runners from slipping or creeping on any floor surface. 

Why should you use an underlay with your rug or runner?

  • Rug underlay should be considered as an investment that will help maintain you rug or runner's appearance for the duration of its lifetime.
  • Rug underlay will reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls from rugs or runners. 
  • Rug underlay will stop your rug or runner from moving on smooth floors or creeping on carpet.
  • Rug underlay will stop your rug or runner from curling at the corners and pushing up against furniture. 
  • Rug underlay will stop abrasion on timber or delicate floor surfaces. 
  • Rug underlay will provde extra cushioning underfoot. 

Why choose our rug underlay, Wunderlay? 

  • Wunderlay is a high performance, premium underlay which will last the lifestime of your rug or runner. 
  • Wunderlay has been developed and engineered to obtain the best non-slip performance on both smooth floors and carpet. 
  • Wunderlay is thicker and denser compared to other rug underlays, which reduces horizontal movement that creates a buckling effect under the rug or runner. 
  • Wunderlay gives a light cushioning effect that allows the Wunderlay and rug or runner to breathe together with no risk of oxidisation or discolouration to any flooring surface. 
  • Wunderlay is repositionable, odourless and harmless to all carpeting, smooth floors, rugs and runners. 
  • Wunderlay is safe to use on heated floors in residential properties with temperatures not excceding 32 ̊C. 

Wunderlay is available in the following widths: 0.60m wide / 0.92m wide / 1.19m wide / 1.80m wide.

All you need to do is order the length required for your rug or runner in a combination of widths to cover your rug or runners total width. If you order Wunderlay as an additional extra when purchasing a bespoke rug or runner through our online Make Me A Rug service then don't worry, we have done the calculation for you and will supply enough Wunderlay for your chosen size. 

Once you receive your Wunderlay simply,

  • Cut the Wunderlay approximtaely 2-3cm smaller than the rug or runner using household scissors. 
  • Remove the plastic releases liner.
  • If using on smooth flooring, place the grey side down and lay your rug or runner on top of the black side.
  • If using on carpet, place the black side down and lay your rug or runner on top of the grey side. 

Please note, if using multiple pieces of Wunderlay underneath your rug or runner simply place each piece side-by-side, there is no need to tape or splice them together.