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Winter luxe your home with velvety smooth wool carpets  

‘Tis the season for toasting your toes in front of a real log fire.  Here are a few hot trends to keep you warm on a cold, dark evening.


Plush Hour  

Images clockwise from top left to bottom right: OCHRE's eternal dreamer velvet sofa, Alternative Flooring's lifestyle shot of Barefoot Taj, Swatches: Bagheeca, Rauza, Khana and Darwaza and lifestyle shot detail of Barefoot Taj Darwaza


Classic velvet feels fresh again in this season’s catwalk colours. Softly sophisticated these sumptuous strokable surfaces give our homes a touch of glamorous winter luxe.  


Velvety smooth carpet covers cold floorboards but this season it is all about patterned luxe.  Full of Eastern promise the shimmering Barefoot Taj, is an exotic design that draws inspiration from the Taj Mahal’s Mughal.


Marble Moment  

Alternative Flooring's Barefoot Marble, lifertyle shot and Swatches: Katni, Morwad and Abu


Woollens keep us warm through the chilliest months of the year and this world famous natural fibre returns to the spotlight in new guises.  


Winter luxe is about the sensual home and comfort is about the way we feel as well as the way things look. Marble in all shapes and forms is the stone of the moment and this noble material is getting unexpected roles. Fool your feet and walk on the softest marble with this indulgent wool carpet — Barefoot Marble.


New Cosy: This year’s hottest trend  

Melin Tregwynt Vintage Star Throws -  Read our latest blog on 'Why Cwtch is the New Hugge'


Cosy is a word that fits snugly with wool, but this year’s hottest trend has been Hygge, a Danish word for cosiness but in a scandi-style. Think clean lines, open layouts and natural plate of slate, marble and teak. But our guest blogger Eifion  Griffiths the owner of Melin Tregwynt has his own magical version.


‘In Wales we have our own word for this.  Cwtch, (rhymes with ‘butch’) has emerged as one of the favourite words in Wales and is a small cosy place, a cubbyhole, a snug, but it also has another meaning. It is the act of creating a small space between you and another. It is like a hug but much better! To "cwtch-up" is to snuggle up with someone on a cold welsh winters night.’


Wool is a natural provider of cwtch and woven woollen blankets and throws, fabrics and soft floor rugs in earthy and vibrant shades are the natural embodiment  of cwtch along with woolly jumpers and thick socks, hot drinks and a of-course a warm open fire.


Golden wonders for your Christmas celebrations  

Our festive golden wonder suggestions: Canvas Home Dauville dinnerware and gold cutlery


Finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the Midas touch and gold still seems to be the one metal we want to see decorating our homes and tables at this special time of year.


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